Je Voudrais Le Willis Bag

While I appreciate the craftsmanship of many handbags I am not just a handbag girl at heart. Much rather spend my money on shoes, jewelry, etc. One reason being that when it comes to my basic staple items (ie: black flats, white button up, watch) I am so freaking picky. For example, my favorite pair of perfect black flats had to be ditched due to the fact that I wore them to shreds…literally shreds, we parted ways in 2009 and I still don’t have a pair of black flats.  If it is going to be a basic then for me at least it has to be “basic”, no funky fabric, silhouettes, or bedazzles. Which leads me to the fact that I never find handbags that fit the part, after all I can’t afford anything Chanel, Celine, or Hermes. However, the tides may have turned. Coach came out with an updated version of the Willis bag. Prior to this logo craze that will hopefully die soon, Coach made amazing leather bags. To me it is perfect in every sense.. the size, straps, hardware, leather, EVERYTHING.

Possibly my next purchase?


Basking In the Sun

Yesterday was one of those amazing days that makes any San Franciscan realize why they love this city..the sun was shinning, it was above 60 degrees, no wind, and everyone was in such great spirits, including myself.

My morning started off perfectly with a trip to Trouble Coffee, it is quickly becoming my Sunday ritual. If you have an addiction to caffeine you have to make the trek to the outer sunset for this quirky joint. My co-worker who shares a similar addiction to strong coffee told me about it and after I went the first time I couldn’t believe I had been living in the sunset all this time and didnt know about it. Spent the rest of the day drinking, reading, and hanging out with friends in Alamo Square.

One of the only downfalls to the chilly weather in SF is that my summer wardrobe has whittled down to almost nothing. It is a rarity that I am seeking out spring/summer pieces (chunky cardis always in the forefront ) but there are the few occasions when I purchase something (ie my shirt) in hopes that it will one day make an appearance. This shirt has been sitting in my closet collecting dust for almost a year and it probably wont come out for another.

Lastly, my little bag above is a purchase from my recent trip to New York. Its the closest I will ever get to a Balenciaga motorcycle bag but I don’t mind since mine fits a six pack, magazines, and my camera perfectly. Treasure & Bond just got a huge shipment in the morning I stopped by and I couldn’t resist taking one back with me.

Sometimes I dread mondays already waiting for Friday to come.

Ensemble: Anthropologie shirt, J Crew shorts, Steve Madden oxfords, Ray Ban sunnies

Latest Obsessions

Story of my life,  the one week day I have off it it rainy and shitty weather but in the end it turned out to be the perfect relaxing day. One of my two obsessions that occupied my day yesterday was this oversized sweater dress piece from Aritzia. It is perfect in so many ways, from the fabric to the shape, its everything you could ask for and more. It was an impulse purchase prior to my trip to NY and it is already becoming one of my go to pieces. This will be one I wear to shreds for sure. You’ll hear me say it until your ears bleed that I LOVE that store, if you haven’t made a visit your missing out.

Since it was raining yesterday what else to do than catch up on some movies you’ve have been dieing to watch. I have been patiently waiting to watch the documentary film, Bill Cunningham New York, and I finally got the chance to watch it. Beyond obsessed with the film. For the entire 90 minutes I don’t think I stopped smiling, it was so inspiring. I have been a fan of Bill Cunningham for some time (the original sartorialist in my words) and everything about him is truly fascinating. That is the beauty of documentary films, you get to see a completely other side of someones life. Any self respected fashionista needs to check it out.

I haven done enough rambling for the night. Hope everyone is starting their weekend off right.

Ensemble: Sushina jacket, Aritzia sweater, HUE tights, Converse sneaks, Nordstroms scarf


Happy Monday

This weekend seemed like it flew by in a second but I was able to fit in some shopping, eating, sleeping, and drinking. Headed to the marina yesterday to hit up LF, they are having their amazing sale right now. I definitely never leave the store empty handed, yesterday I managed to picked up a great flannel and cardi. Since I was in the neighborhood me and jason couldn’t resist a quick snack at La Boulange. Hope everyone had a great weekend.

Oh and if you didnt notice I am blonde again..its always good to switch it up!

Ensemble: H&M sweater, Nine 3 Two skirt, Steve Madden boots, Target belt, Prada sunnies

Hot Pants

All I can say is that I LOVE these freaking pants. They are rather controversial..people either love or hate them (mostly the fellas are not fans). I definitely got some strange looks at work and walking down the street but I adore them and isn’t that what personal style is about? owning and loving what you wear? Anyways, hung out in my old stompin grounds a few days ago and hit up one of my favorite spots for dinner, The Little Chihuahua.

Ensemble: UO pants, Top Shop shirt, Club Monaco blazer, Sam Edelman oxfords

Cold Front

It’s hump day whoo hoo, usually this dosen’t excite me but this week is another story. Tomorrow is technically the official start of my weekend because I am heading to New York friday morning with JDZ and I couldn’t be more excited. Its been what seems like an eternity since my last visit (wasn’t even the legal drinking age). Many many bars, restaurants, sights, and shopping to squeeze in on my 5 day trip. Only stresses thus far have been packing and mentally preparing myself for the chilly temperatures I am about to endue.

Ran some last minute errands after work today and had dinner at My Tofu House in the Inner Richmond. My friend Aaron introduced me to this Korean eatery a little while back and now it is definitely on my hit list of go-to restaurants in the city. Highly recommended but the only downfall…..they don’t serve booze. It was pretty difficult to comprehend but the food is so yummy it makes up for the fact they are sans alcohol.

Need to get started on packing..wish me luck, it is always a process/debacle for me. If anyone has any shopping or eating recommendations for NYC let me know asap!

Ensemble: H&M faux fur vest, J Crew shirt, Steve Madden boots, Jolt pants, Target belt, various jewelry

The Strike Is Over

For those of you who haven’t noticed I have been neglecting my blog for the past 4 months. I was going through some major changes in life and my motivation and inspiration was minimal to say the least, as I always say…life happens. But the great news is that I am beginning to feel like myself again and the inspirations is flowing out of me. The strike is over, shortys is back.

Had a delightful sunday morning, roamed the farmers market, grabbed a soy latte at Peet’s, and then ran a few errands.  I am loving this freakish weather we had this weekend, who would guess that it is January! Isn’t this bag magnificent… I got the DEAL of the century on it.

Ensemble: Free People sweater, Eight Sixty skirt, Target tights, Nordstrom boots and scarf, Prada sunnies, Alexander Wang Bag

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