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current rotation

These are the latest gems I have added to my jewelry collection. I have worn these pieces literally every day since purchasing them.

The bracelets are by Alex and Ani. I was in such turmoil trying to decide whether I wanted gold or silver so I got one of each.

Those lovely studs are House of Harlow. With my short hair it seems that big stud work best for me, dangly earrings are a no go when you have the worlds shortest neck.

Lastly, the necklace is by Isobell, a local bay area jewelry designer. She has super cute pieces that are totally budget friendly.

Happy Saturday, Bisous


Adult Toy

When I say adult toy some of you may have thought of something different but get your heads out of the gutter people! I have had this camera for a while and it shocks me that every time I bring it out people have never seen or heard of the Fujifilm INSTAX mini. I have to admit I had seen them before yet never took the plunge to purchase one because I was very skeptical whether I would like it or not. I had a polaroid camera prior and didn’t think anything would replace it but my lovely friend Christina assured me I would like it just as much as my trusty polaroid. She was totally right..I loves it and film is way cheaper/easier to find than the og polaroid film. Definitely a must have.

Happy friday.

I have an Addiction

While it is no surprise that I love ALL shoes there is a place deep in my heart for any pair of Jeffrey Campbells. Over the past few years I have seemed to accumulate a rather large collection, 8 pairs to be exact. It could be the thick chunky heel or the lovely platform that makes me instantly reach for my wallet and weak at the knees. Nordstrom and Solestruck are definitely the culprits to my addiction since they carry the largest selection of size 5’s.

Currently I am having withdraws, haven’t purchase a pair since January. I think it is about time to add to my collection.



So excited to finally try out OPI’s shatter nail polish…I am putting it on as we speak. My lovely friend Mary gave me the black version for my birthday. Even though my nails get real jacked up at work I still ┬áput on nail polish in hopes that it will look socially acceptable for at least a week….usually by day 2 they look ridic. Will post pics tomorrow! Enjoy your weekend party people.



Ready Set Go

I leave for cabo tomorrow morning! In some desperate need of some hardcore heat and sunshine. All I can think about is eating guacamole and chips while sipping on some margaritas. yum yum. Expect some photos asap.

Salud Everyone!



Leave it to lady Jenna Lyon to bring us, in my opinion, one of the most exciting J Crew collaborations to date. I am patiently awaiting July when the Eddie Borgo collaboration hits store. His jewelry is kick ass to say the least. Collaborations are a great way for designers to reach another market and are perfect for people like myself who cant afford the “real thing” but desperately want to be a part of their club. However, it is a rarity that collaborations meet expectations and more often then not they are a let down. Dont get me wrong, this girl loves when designers do collaborations, I am a huge fan, when and only when it is executed correctly. Something tells me this colab wont be a disappointment. Above are some pics of the real deal, yes one of my fashion favs Ms. Lanphear models his jewelry from time to time. She rocks his pieces flawlessly.

I suppose we will have to wait and see until July if it will be a hit or miss.


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