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Lately, I have been gravitating towards gasp-lower heels and when I say lower heels I don’t mean kitten heels. I am referring to heels that don’t have a tranny platform. Never in a million years would I ever think that myself would steer away from sky high heels but it is happening. Don’t worry I haven’t completely converted but that fact that I am even trying different types of heels is ground breaking. Isn’t that what personal style is all about? evolving your look? However there are 2 things I will never own..uggs and polos. These Sam Edelmans just looked so amazing your feet I had to own them.

Ensemble: JBrand jeans, JCrew shirt, Sam Edelman heels


current rotation

These are the latest gems I have added to my jewelry collection. I have worn these pieces literally every day since purchasing them.

The bracelets are by Alex and Ani. I was in such turmoil trying to decide whether I wanted gold or silver so I got one of each.

Those lovely studs are House of Harlow. With my short hair it seems that big stud work best for me, dangly earrings are a no go when you have the worlds shortest neck.

Lastly, the necklace is by Isobell, a local bay area jewelry designer. She has super cute pieces that are totally budget friendly.

Happy Saturday, Bisous

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