Zig Zag

This past Friday was one of those freakish weekdays that I have off so of course I wanted to hit up some eateries that would otherwise be packed by the usual weekenders. I hadn’t been to Mamma’s in a while and Jason has never been so we went figuring oh it’s friday there won’t be the usual 1-2 hour wait but to our surprise there was. Even thought I am uber impatient I will always wait in that damn line and it is worth it every time, if you live in SF and have never been I suggest you go now! For sure top 5 breakfast places in the city,  I mean they have spiked lemonade..what else could you ask for.

Decided to go casual for our morning tryst wearing my “grandma shirt” as jason would call it….it only seemed necessary. This was one of two items I snagged from the Missoni for Target collab. It was luck really, I had just gone into Target to get some essentials and this shirt was hidden in the little boys section and I spotted it a mile away, it was meant to be.

Hope everyone is enjoying their 3 day weekend!

Ensemble: Missoni for Target shirt, Levi’s shorts, Sonia Rykiel for H&M shoes, House of Harlow earings



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