Proud to say that I am reunited with my old neighborhood and it feels so good. Even though I take a way something from everywhere I have lived in the city for some reason nothing else feels the same as when I am in Hayes Valley. Needless to say that I can’t wait to become reacquainted with old jaunts and find some new ones. It was only appropriate that me and Jason hit up Bean Bag for dinner. Back in the day me and my roommates would go at least once a week usually twice or three times to “study” aka drink cheap beers.

Since I spent all day moving yesterday my closet is in shambles and putting outfits together is semi difficult. Kept it very casual basically threw on whatever was visible… didn’t feel like searching through the black hole that is currently my closet. On a side note, I have been eyeing this skirt a J Crew for a while now but couldn’t bring myself to purchase it at full price for two reasons. #1 being that colored denim really isn’t my thing (denim in general isn’t) and #2 making any summer purchases ie. skirts is just so difficult because they rarely get used in SF. To my delight a random stroll into J Crew turned into a very happy skirt was on sale, for an additional 30% off and they even had my size. Thanking the fashion gods for that one. Don’t you love this cardi? Raided Jason’s closet for this bad boy, it is too comfy, he might not get it back.

Happy Monday!

Ensemble: J Crew skirt, Nordstrom shirt, Old Navy cardi c/o JDZ’s closet, Converse high tops



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