Isn’t this necklace awesome! It is the newest darling to be added to my collection, excuse the close up of the ladies.

Yesterday was one of those perfect Sundays when the sun is shinning, the wind is barable, and every San Franciscan is in good spirits, including yours truly. Had the breakfast of champions at Stacks (promise one day I will stop talking about it) and experienced 2 firsts that day those being… no waiting for a table and waking up before 8 am on a Sunday morning. I couldn’t believe the lack of people there were, typically there are groups of people huddle around the coffee stand trying to keep warm while patiently waiting for their mimosas and breakfast. Guess it pays to wake up early. Picked out a pretty standard casual outfit for gallivanting, you cant really see my tee-shirt but I am pretty sure I have had it since high school (just can’t seem to part with it).

Spent the rest of the day running countless errands and then managed to hit up The Plant Cafe for some amazing juice, followed by some aimless roaming down Chestnut. Confession, I am not the biggest fan of juice or smoothies but for some strange reason yesterday I was getting the most ridiculous craving that had to be satisfied. Only heard great things about The Plant Cafe and I do have to say besides the extremely long wait for my fresh squeezed juice it def lived up to its hype. Okay..enough rambling for the night.

Hope everyone had a better Monday than me…mine was BRUTAL!

Ensemble: Aritzia wrap dress, Urban Outfitters tee, HUE tights, Nordtstrom boots, Tasha necklace, A Wang bag,


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