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Proud to say that I am reunited with my old neighborhood and it feels so good. Even though I take a way something from everywhere I have lived in the city for some reason nothing else feels the same as when I am in Hayes Valley. Needless to say that I can’t wait to become reacquainted with old jaunts and find some new ones. It was only appropriate that me and Jason hit up Bean Bag for dinner. Back in the day me and my roommates would go at least once a week usually twice or three times to “study” aka drink cheap beers.

Since I spent all day moving yesterday my closet is in shambles and putting outfits together is semi difficult. Kept it very casual basically threw on whatever was visible… didn’t feel like searching through the black hole that is currently my closet. On a side note, I have been eyeing this skirt a J Crew for a while now but couldn’t bring myself to purchase it at full price for two reasons. #1 being that colored denim really isn’t my thing (denim in general isn’t) and #2 making any summer purchases ie. skirts is just so difficult because they rarely get used in SF. To my delight a random stroll into J Crew turned into a very happy skirt was on sale, for an additional 30% off and they even had my size. Thanking the fashion gods for that one. Don’t you love this cardi? Raided Jason’s closet for this bad boy, it is too comfy, he might not get it back.

Happy Monday!

Ensemble: J Crew skirt, Nordstrom shirt, Old Navy cardi c/o JDZ’s closet, Converse high tops



Adult Toy

When I say adult toy some of you may have thought of something different but get your heads out of the gutter people! I have had this camera for a while and it shocks me that every time I bring it out people have never seen or heard of the Fujifilm INSTAX mini. I have to admit I had seen them before yet never took the plunge to purchase one because I was very skeptical whether I would like it or not. I had a polaroid camera prior and didn’t think anything would replace it but my lovely friend Christina assured me I would like it just as much as my trusty polaroid. She was totally right..I loves it and film is way cheaper/easier to find than the og polaroid film. Definitely a must have.

Happy friday.


Isn’t this necklace awesome! It is the newest darling to be added to my collection, excuse the close up of the ladies.

Yesterday was one of those perfect Sundays when the sun is shinning, the wind is barable, and every San Franciscan is in good spirits, including yours truly. Had the breakfast of champions at Stacks (promise one day I will stop talking about it) and experienced 2 firsts that day those being… no waiting for a table and waking up before 8 am on a Sunday morning. I couldn’t believe the lack of people there were, typically there are groups of people huddle around the coffee stand trying to keep warm while patiently waiting for their mimosas and breakfast. Guess it pays to wake up early. Picked out a pretty standard casual outfit for gallivanting, you cant really see my tee-shirt but I am pretty sure I have had it since high school (just can’t seem to part with it).

Spent the rest of the day running countless errands and then managed to hit up The Plant Cafe for some amazing juice, followed by some aimless roaming down Chestnut. Confession, I am not the biggest fan of juice or smoothies but for some strange reason yesterday I was getting the most ridiculous craving that had to be satisfied. Only heard great things about The Plant Cafe and I do have to say besides the extremely long wait for my fresh squeezed juice it def lived up to its hype. Okay..enough rambling for the night.

Hope everyone had a better Monday than me…mine was BRUTAL!

Ensemble: Aritzia wrap dress, Urban Outfitters tee, HUE tights, Nordtstrom boots, Tasha necklace, A Wang bag,

Oldie But Goodie

Clearly by the color of my hair it is a dead give away that this is an older picture. I stumbled across these photos yesterday when I was forced to stay indoors due to the nasty weather we have been getting in SF. It came to my realization that I never posted these pics and thought it was only appropriate to post them since… a)I am wearing my favorite jeans and b)it was similar shitty weather at the time these were taken.

These photos also made me sad when I noticed that I haven’t been to Philz since that day! Do I smell a visit in the near future?

Ensemble: Current Elliott jeans, Aritzia tank, Old Navy sweater, Nordstrom boots,

Keepin It Casual

Spent my sunny day off strolling around downtown, well it wasn’t really a stroll more like a shit ton of walking but when the weather is so perfect I can’t help to veto muni and opt for other forms of transportation. Jason was probably more than annoyed with me but he is always a good sport. Plus, I just bought these new flats and what better way to break them in than by showing them the streets of SF. Speaking of shoes…these are the latest to be added to my collection and they are the first pair of flats I have purchased in a long time. I love the shape and the satin-esque texture that reminds me of something Hugh Hefner would be sporting. Needless to say I am obsessed.  Snapped a few photos in Hayes Valley after a lovely mimosa lunch at The Grove. Love that they opened up their third location on Hayes st, the location has amazing light and a ton of seating compared to the other two.

Bisous & Happy Wednesday

Ensemble: Alexander Wang sweater & purse, Metro Park tank, Levi’s vintage shorts, HUE tights, Steve Madden flats, Prada sunnies


I have an Addiction

While it is no surprise that I love ALL shoes there is a place deep in my heart for any pair of Jeffrey Campbells. Over the past few years I have seemed to accumulate a rather large collection, 8 pairs to be exact. It could be the thick chunky heel or the lovely platform that makes me instantly reach for my wallet and weak at the knees. Nordstrom and Solestruck are definitely the culprits to my addiction since they carry the largest selection of size 5’s.

Currently I am having withdraws, haven’t purchase a pair since January. I think it is about time to add to my collection.


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