Je Voudrais Le Willis Bag

While I appreciate the craftsmanship of many handbags I am not just a handbag girl at heart. Much rather spend my money on shoes, jewelry, etc. One reason being that when it comes to my basic staple items (ie: black flats, white button up, watch) I am so freaking picky. For example, my favorite pair of perfect black flats had to be ditched due to the fact that I wore them to shreds…literally shreds, we parted ways in 2009 and I still don’t have a pair of black flats.  If it is going to be a basic then for me at least it has to be “basic”, no funky fabric, silhouettes, or bedazzles. Which leads me to the fact that I never find handbags that fit the part, after all I can’t afford anything Chanel, Celine, or Hermes. However, the tides may have turned. Coach came out with an updated version of the Willis bag. Prior to this logo craze that will hopefully die soon, Coach made amazing leather bags. To me it is perfect in every sense.. the size, straps, hardware, leather, EVERYTHING.

Possibly my next purchase?


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