Basking In the Sun

Yesterday was one of those amazing days that makes any San Franciscan realize why they love this city..the sun was shinning, it was above 60 degrees, no wind, and everyone was in such great spirits, including myself.

My morning started off perfectly with a trip to Trouble Coffee, it is quickly becoming my Sunday ritual. If you have an addiction to caffeine you have to make the trek to the outer sunset for this quirky joint. My co-worker who shares a similar addiction to strong coffee told me about it and after I went the first time I couldn’t believe I had been living in the sunset all this time and didnt know about it. Spent the rest of the day drinking, reading, and hanging out with friends in Alamo Square.

One of the only downfalls to the chilly weather in SF is that my summer wardrobe has whittled down to almost nothing. It is a rarity that I am seeking out spring/summer pieces (chunky cardis always in the forefront ) but there are the few occasions when I purchase something (ie my shirt) in hopes that it will one day make an appearance. This shirt has been sitting in my closet collecting dust for almost a year and it probably wont come out for another.

Lastly, my little bag above is a purchase from my recent trip to New York. Its the closest I will ever get to a Balenciaga motorcycle bag but I don’t mind since mine fits a six pack, magazines, and my camera perfectly. Treasure & Bond just got a huge shipment in the morning I stopped by and I couldn’t resist taking one back with me.

Sometimes I dread mondays already waiting for Friday to come.

Ensemble: Anthropologie shirt, J Crew shorts, Steve Madden oxfords, Ray Ban sunnies


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