Latest Obsessions

Story of my life,  the one week day I have off it it rainy and shitty weather but in the end it turned out to be the perfect relaxing day. One of my two obsessions that occupied my day yesterday was this oversized sweater dress piece from Aritzia. It is perfect in so many ways, from the fabric to the shape, its everything you could ask for and more. It was an impulse purchase prior to my trip to NY and it is already becoming one of my go to pieces. This will be one I wear to shreds for sure. You’ll hear me say it until your ears bleed that I LOVE that store, if you haven’t made a visit your missing out.

Since it was raining yesterday what else to do than catch up on some movies you’ve have been dieing to watch. I have been patiently waiting to watch the documentary film, Bill Cunningham New York, and I finally got the chance to watch it. Beyond obsessed with the film. For the entire 90 minutes I don’t think I stopped smiling, it was so inspiring. I have been a fan of Bill Cunningham for some time (the original sartorialist in my words) and everything about him is truly fascinating. That is the beauty of documentary films, you get to see a completely other side of someones life. Any self respected fashionista needs to check it out.

I haven done enough rambling for the night. Hope everyone is starting their weekend off right.

Ensemble: Sushina jacket, Aritzia sweater, HUE tights, Converse sneaks, Nordstroms scarf



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