Cold Front

It’s hump day whoo hoo, usually this dosen’t excite me but this week is another story. Tomorrow is technically the official start of my weekend because I am heading to New York friday morning with JDZ and I couldn’t be more excited. Its been what seems like an eternity since my last visit (wasn’t even the legal drinking age). Many many bars, restaurants, sights, and shopping to squeeze in on my 5 day trip. Only stresses thus far have been packing and mentally preparing myself for the chilly temperatures I am about to endue.

Ran some last minute errands after work today and had dinner at My Tofu House in the Inner Richmond. My friend Aaron introduced me to this Korean eatery a little while back and now it is definitely on my hit list of go-to restaurants in the city. Highly recommended but the only downfall…..they don’t serve booze. It was pretty difficult to comprehend but the food is so yummy it makes up for the fact they are sans alcohol.

Need to get started on packing..wish me luck, it is always a process/debacle for me. If anyone has any shopping or eating recommendations for NYC let me know asap!

Ensemble: H&M faux fur vest, J Crew shirt, Steve Madden boots, Jolt pants, Target belt, various jewelry


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