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Sun Dial

This weather in San Francisco is purely amazing even though San Franciscans don’t know how to handle the heat. Everyone acts crazier thank normal..people smell, cant dress for hot weather, drive horrible if you live here you know what I mean but there is such an amazing energy in the city, it seems revitalized. Jason took me to this hidden gem, it is a sun dial in the middle of a tiny neighborhood in the city. After we hit up Zeitgeist, it is the perfect place to grab a drink on a sunny day. They have a huge outdoor seating area and tons of beers to choose from. I plan on going there frequently until the fog takes over the city again.

I haven’t posted in a while 😦 for some reason my life seemed out of control and I had a non stop schedule the past 2 weeks but things have finally simmered down.

Ensemble: Artizia dress, Report boots, Ray-Ban sunnies


Indian Summer Is Near

The weather is finally getting warmer in SF! Cant wait for our indian summer it is one of my favorite times in the city. Headed downtown with JDZ aka Jason yesterday for some shopping and then proceeded to happy hour at Straits. They have an awesome happy hour btw. Picked up these shorts last weekend when I was home visiting my parents…I am pretty sure they are meant to be pajamas but whatever right?

It is almost the weekend, literally cant wait! Oh and if you didn’t notice I am a brunette now!

Ensemble: Anthropologie shorts, H&M shirt, HUE tights, Repport boots, Prada sunnies


These beezy….10 year old French model Thylane Rose Blondeau is so cute. I am all about this sassy little girl. There has been some really negative press about her and her “sex appeal” but I think she is to die for!


Brand New

Beyond OBSESSED with my new Prada sunnies!!! Well worth the splurge!

It’s been a while since my last post life has been hectic lately to say the least but now things are back on track. Me and jason walked around the marina and had dinner at Chilayo on Chestnut St a few nights back. I definitely needed to get out of my house and gloomy neighborhood. I just got this skirt back from the tailors and I am uber excited about it. Even though the alterations almost cost more than the damn skirt but I did get a killer deal on it so it justifies the costly alterations..right? I love finding pieces and then somehow making them your own. We all know I am short so I often find myself having to think outside of the box to get away with wearing certain things. Prior to the alternations I made on the skirt it was about 10 inches too long and frumpy as shit, a little creativity and volia!

I am taking a overdo trip down to so cal this weekend to visit my family, relax, and soak up the heat. Can’t wait!

Ps…Did I mention I love new sunnies!!!!

Ensemble: J Crew shirt, Nine 3 Two skirt, Repport boots, Prada sunnies, Target clutch, assorted jewelry

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