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So excited to finally try out OPI’s shatter nail polish…I am putting it on as we speak. My lovely friend Mary gave me the black version for my birthday. Even though my nails get real jacked up at work I still  put on nail polish in hopes that it will look socially acceptable for at least a week….usually by day 2 they look ridic. Will post pics tomorrow! Enjoy your weekend party people.




Monochromatic Blues

Had a random Tuesday off this week so me and jason drove down to Palo Alto to do some shopping and finished the night off with some friends celebrating taco tuesday at Underdogs . I picked up a few new things (expect to see them asap) but I had no luck with shoes. It seems like lately size 5 shoes are far and few between. Guess I am going to have to resort to only shopping online for shoes.This can get real ugly real fast because there is nothing stopping me now..usually I leave stores in defeat because the only size 5 they got sells out within the first 30 minutes of it hitting the sales floor. Shopping via online, I just add to cart and purchase. I am going to need major self control. My blue ensemble was a little strange for people to handle (jason included).

Can it be the weekend already? I am yearning for long brunches and laying around. Have a good hump day.

Ensemble: J Crew shirt & shorts, Steve Madden boots, H&M hat, various jewelry


Old & New Favorites

Had breakfast at Tartine Bakery the other day, thank god that I don’t live uber close otherwise I would become obese. Wore my favorite sweater from Aritiza, I will never get over that piece, and some denim that is quickly becoming my favorite pair I own. They are extremely comfortable and have just enough flare that don’t consume my short ass legs.

Yum bread pudding/ latte and Jasons croque moniseur. Clearly someone is the fatty here.

Ensemble: See Thru Soul jeans, Aritiza sweater, Metro Park hat, Jeffery Campbell boots


First Timer

One of the great things about the city is that there are endless possibilities of new things to do, this weekend was definitely a weekend of firsts…… Had both Saturday and Sunday off  (slept in both days), ate brunch at Rose’s Cafe  (drank killer mimosas), went to see Tales of the City  (now I desperately want to read the book) at the A.C.T. , and cooked dinner that wasn’t half as bad as I thought it was going to turn out (even Jason was shocked at the outcome). A great weekend, I highly recommend Tales of the City if you can catch it before it leaves.

Happy Monday xx

Ensemble: J Crew shirt, H&M faux fur vest, BDG jeans, Steve Madden boots, assorted jewels


Bustin Out The Gloves

By the looks of these photos one would think that I was somewhere near the arctic circle but no…just summer in San Francisco. I was excited to pull out my red poncho and leather gloves. My gloves were a major find at the leather market in Florence. Due to the size of my tiny hands I can never ever wear gloves, so to my surprise after hours of roaming the crowded carts the most lovely Italian man pulled out his collection of smaller than average sized gloves. Grab some quick dinner at one of my favorites Mexican joints, The Little Chihuahua. It’s not quite like a burrito spot in the mission that fails health inspections and blares mariachi music but there is something so addicting about it. Perfect for me..they just opened up another location.

So excited its Friday, I think this weekend calls for some much needed shoe shopping.

Happy Friday! xx

Ensemble: Anthropologie poncho, American Eagle shorts, Hue tights, Jeffrey Campbell boots



Back To Normal

Back to the usual in the sunset..chilly, windy, misty, and gross.  Thankfully I work downtown and get to experience the sunlight there since that is where is hides apparently. It was nice to reunite with these Jeffrey Campbell shoes, I haven’t worn them in a while and they are just what I need, comfort and 5 extra inches.

Hope everyone enjoyed their short week!

Ensemble: Nordstrom sweater & tank, Jeffrey Campbell shoes, Hue tights, LuLu headband, MJ ring

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