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Parks And Rec

Took a walk through a park a few blocks from my house after work, it was uber windy but still great to be outside. The sun has been in full force lately..hopefully a sign of  weather to come.

I just bought this dress from Ariztia the other day, along with some other goodies. Already obsessed with it, the cut, the fabric, everything. It is definitely one of those easy pieces that results with a no fuss getting ready process, just what a gal needs. My blazer has definitely been getting some more action lately, it was taking a vaca at the dry cleaners and I finally got the chance to pick it up.

Ensemble: Ariztia dress, Hermes scarf, Club Monaco blazer, Steve Madden boots, assorted accessories



Ran some errands outside attempting to get some sun rays. Any time I wear these glitterati sequin shoes I get the most interesting comments. People tell me I look like I am about to do a tap routine, an elder lady stopped me in the airport to have a long conversation about them, bedazzled, bejeweled, you name someone has said it! If I am going to wear flat shoes might as well spice it up, right?

Ensemble: Sam Edelman shoes, J Crew tights, American Eagle denim shorts, H&M shirts (compliments of the boyfriends closet), Ray Ban sunnies, assorted jewelry.


Favorite scented candle ever! Went through my last one in a heartbeat and  finally bought a fresh one.

Been wearing my Ray-Bans to death recently.

Picked up this t stand at Metro Park the other day, got a killer deal on it. It is a pleasant home for my bracelets that were previously a debacle spread out around my room.

Thank Heaven For 7 Eleven

Had a perfect eventful evening yesterday. Me and Jason hit up Domo in Hayes Valley for dinner, it is one of my favorite sushi spots in the city, I highly recommend it. Then we ran down to the 7 eleven grabbed some junk food, beer, and explored our Redbox options. Great way to wind down after a hard day at work.

I attempted to get a better picture of my Jeffrey Campbell shoes I am wearing but was very unsuccessful. They are amazing but I am limited to wearing them. They are a size to big which makes it difficult to walk around in hilly sf but I couldn’t go home without them. My awesome grandma knitted this cardi, she is a cool lady! Jason gets a kick out of it, definitely not one of his favs from my wardrobe.

Happy Tuesday!

Ensemble: Allsaints hat, thrifted tee shirt, See Through Soul jeans, Jeffrey Campbell shoes, cardi from granny, h&m purse

Polka Dots

Bonjour! I spent last week visiting the parents in southern California, it was great relaxing, getting my hair done,  and soaking up the sweltering heat.

Isn’t this black ring amazing!! It was a present from the boyfriend when he went to Japan. It always sparks up interesting conversations with sf crazies.

Grabbed some dinner with Jason in the marina tonight and tried to enjoy the sunny weather while it lasts.

It is good to be back!

Ensemble: Lily White skirt, Lush tank top, Club Monaco blazer, Jeffrey Campbell boots, MJ watch, Ray Ban sunnies

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